Samick ANNA 110 Upright Piano with Corresponding Bench – Ebony Satin Finish




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ANNA JS 110 is an instrument and artwork! Each component is designed to build up the outstanding work. There are more than 8,000 precision parts and has excellent quality to produce exceptional sound.
Length / length: 56cm
Width / Width: 148cm
Height / Height: 110cm
Weight / Weight: 203kg
Spruce core sound board
Slow-Closing System Fallboard


PIN BLOCK: 15-ply laminated maple

TUNING PINS: nickel plated

STRINGS: made of Ruslan music wire

PRESSURE BAR: nickel plated

HAMMERS: premium grade wool, “T” wired

KEYS: full length, balanced and weighted

ACTION: all maple with aluminum rail

SOUNDBOARD: all spruce surface tension

BRIDGES: hard rock maple RIBS: spruce and notched into the liner

PLATE: dimensionally accurate V-pro

BACKPOSTS: 4 laminated hardwood

MIDDLE PEDAL: quiet play




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